All Autumn Season performances will be live-streamed for our public audience. More information coming soon.

BA Physical Theatre presents:

Something Wicked This Way Comes ~ 10 – 12 Dec

East 15 Autumn Season

Devised from William Shakespeare’s Macbeth
Adapted by Rich Rusk and the Company
Directed by Rich Rusk

A radical re-working of William Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’.

Set on the Heath in the eye of a storm, bloody murderers, ghostly apparitions and outrageous ambitions run riot in this time-twisting, relentlessly physical adaptation of Shakespeare’s great bloodbath! 

‘Something Wicked’ puts the weird sisters and their dark prophecy at the centre of the whirlwind. An ensemble of shape-shifting hags conspire to drag the cursed Macbeth kicking-and-screaming through a cascade of explosive visions. 

As his fate bombards him in an overwhelming swirl of movement, music and fragmented text, Macbeth and his wife witness their story unravelling before them in a timeless cycle of greed, divisive politics and moral uncertainty which feels unnervingly familiar to life in 2020…

More information coming soon.

BA Acting & Community Theatre Presents:

InSoles ~ 17 – 19 Dec


Concept by The Paper Birds | Devised by the company
Directed by Jemma McDonnell & Andrea Ling

How can I show you who I am – all the complexities, the stories, the things I have seen and felt?

Can you sum up your life in a picture? Can an object explain who you are, or a photo explain how you feel?

Working with young people from Southchurch school, ‘InSoles’ is a devised performance about who we are and how we care about each other.

Following a digital arts exchange between the ‘Insoles’ cast and a group of teenagers, the show explores if we can ever get to know, understand or care about others who are different from ourselves.

More information coming soon.