THE SKRIKER ~ 13, 15 & 16 Feb

the skriker poster original

Written by Caryl Churchill. Directed by Ailin Conant.

Wed 13 Feb & Fri 15 Feb, 7:30pm ~ Sat 16 Feb, 2:30pm

‘Unwholesome, hypnotic, and born in the dark’ (Independent), THE SKRIKER is a spellbinding epic that blends English folktales with modern urban life to tell the story of an ancient shape-shifting fairy and death portent who haunts two young mothers in its search for love and revenge.  THE SKRIKER brings with it a multitude of monsters until London is swarming with enticing and angry creatures that have burst from the underworld.

This amateur production is performed by arrangement with Nick Hern Books. Please note that this production contains issues that may act as triggers for certain audience members; for more information about the show content please contact the Box Office. 

TICKETS: £10 Full | £6 Concession 

Age Recommendation: 14+ years (Contains strong language and scenes of a violent nature)


MACUNAÍMA (Makuna- Eema) ~ 14-16 Feb

macunaima poster - final version

Written by Mário de Andrade. Directed by Andre Pink.

Thurs 14 Feb & Sat 16 Feb, 7:30pm ~ Fri 15 Feb, 2:30pm

A version for our troubled times of the Brazilian iconic novel MACUNAÍMA, by Mário de Andrade. The original saga follows the journey of our scoundrel hero, Macunaíma, from the Amazon to São Paulo, in search of his lost magical amulet, now in the hands of a giant Peruvian cannibal entrepreneur…

TICKETS: £10 Full | £6 Concession 

Age Recommendation: 16+ years (Contains strong language, nudity and scenes of a sexual nature)


FILTER ~ 28 Feb-2 Mar

Filter FINAL POSTER (with logos)

Devised with Jemma McDonnell of Paper Birds Theatre Company. Directed by Jemma McDonnell.

Paper Birds LOGO

There’s my phone, my TV, my laptop.
My xbox, my i-watch, my tablet.
My MP3, my Kindle, my fit-bit.

There’s the followers, the trolls, the hashtags.
The fake news, the meme’s, what’s trending?
I’m adding to my story.
I’m going live.

FILTER is an examination of a life led by technology. From social media to fortnite, FILTER questions the impact on future generations who experience and interact with the world through a lens.

Tickets: Full £10 | £6 Concession
Age Recommendation: Please contact the Box Office on +44 (0) 1702 328 335 for details. 



Online image

Written by Leo Tolstoy. Adapted by Marina Carr. Directed by Polina Kalinina.

Russia is changing. Rules have been broken. Chaos is looming and families are falling apart.

Considered to be one of the greatest novels of all time, adapted here for the stage, Tolstoy’s ANNA KARENINA is an examination of a country in the midst of extraordinary change. Through the impact of one woman’s decision, it looks at the troubling cost of love on the  human soul.

Tickets: Full £10 | £6 Concession

This amateur production is performed by permission of The Agency Ltd.
Age Recommendation: Please contact the Box Office on +44 (0) 1702 328 335 for details. 


PRIME ~ 21-23 Mar


Devised by the Company. Directorial Support by Simon Hunt.

PRIME is an opportunity for the graduating BA Physical Theatre actors to use everything they have learnt to create an exciting piece of original work.

A collection of solo, duet and ensemble performances that explore touching, beautiful and hilarious stories, all told in their unique and eclectic styles of physical theatre.

Tickets: Full £10 | £6 Concession

Age Recommendation: Please contact the Box Office on +44 (0) 1702 328 335 for details. Photo credit: Andrew H Williams.